What does it mean to be groovy?

Groove music can be difficult to define. According to Wikipedia, groove is the sense of an effect ("feel") of changing pattern in a propulsive rhythm or sense of "swing"’, so really, any kind of music that stimulates people to dance due to its musical rhythm.

The word ‘groovy’ originated in jazz culture, but today it’s assumed a number of other meanings. In popular culture, ‘groovy’ has also become synonymous with something that’s fashionable and lively. Anything that’s groovy would appeal to us for its originality and its fun element, so today it could refer to anything from haircuts and fashion items to animations in online casino games.

A key to success?

It seems that the groovier the animations in games and movies, the more successful these are. In cartoon series especially, we encounter many quirky characters and settings that look nothing like real life. Especially if the series or movie is a comedy, groovy animations seem to be a popular long-term trend. It’s as if people are demanding something that appeals more to their senses, that allows them to step out of the ‘ordinary’ for a while. Or it could also be because a groovy style gives designers more leeway, and more opportunities to come up with something comic.

28 Dec 2019